Bureau Direct

Bureau Direct is a family owned and run business that is independent, dedicated and responsive. We offer stylish and colourful stationery for both personal and business customers.

What are we?

At Bureau Direct our aim is to provide products that meet our 5 core aims:


Stationery doesn’t have to be dull. We specialise in finding stationery that stands out, that makes a fashion statement, that you can feel proud to own and use.


We always make sure our stationery is chosen for how practical it is. Style and function can work together when well designed, and we offer a range of items that we hope will make a small difference to how you work.


Colour can make a huge a difference to the how you use stationery, and how it can help you. Choose colours to coordinate with your room, choose your corporate colours to reflect your image, use colour to make you stand out, or just choose a colour to cheer yourself up.


At Bureau we spend a lot of time in finding new products and ideas and bringing the best of what’s available to you, under one roof. Stationery is not always the most innovative of areas but we believe that you will be surprised by what we can offer.


Finally, we also believe that everything we offer should represent good value. It may not be the cheapest stationery you can find, but it certainly isn’t expensive, and most definitely represents good value-for-money. From the best of European notebooks to envelopes in almost any colour you desire, we offer great ideas at a good price.
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