“To encourage participation in sport and make the pleasures and benefits of sport available to the many.”

This is the promise that DECATHLON has made to its customers ever since its beginnings.

Assembling all sports beneath a single roof, DECATHLON has always promoted access to, and participation in, sport:

Access based on price, without sacrificing high standards in the development and quality of our products. Simple stores, optimum logistics, efficient organisation and a constant drive to control costs have allowed us, and continue to allow us, regularly to lower the prices of our products.

Access to a broad range of sporting products. This range includes DECATHLON’s own “Passion Brands” products, such as Quechua, b’Twin, Kipsta ou Tribord, as well as products by international brands.

In addition to these products, DECATHLON also offers a number of services to promote participation in sport: our workshops, or personalisation services, à la carte financing, gift cards, etc.

And, in recent years, DECATHLON has gone further in building relationships with our customers, through our “active customer” shared sports events. These free events give our customers the chance to participate in sport, free of charge, with the whole family, alongside colleagues from their local DECATHLON stores.

Above all, DECATHLON UK is a team with a passion for sport, who contribute every day to the satisfaction of our customers and are our Company’s greatest asset.


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