Doggie Solutions

Our wide Range includes Dog Crates, Puppy Cages , beds, Toys , pet Identity Tags, Spray Training Collars and Much more!

We offer a wide range of products including, Dog beds uk made, Dog Toys,  Dog Crates, Puppy Pens and Puppy Cages, training collars and Much More.

Dog products.


  • Our Dog Beds range includes Waterproof Dog Beds, Memory Foam Beds and the Coolaroo raised Bed.
  • Our Top Quality Dog Crates range comes with a choice of sizes including Extra Small, Small, Medium, Intermediate, Extra Large and Giant cages. We have a wide range of  Toys including Kong Dog Toys and Soft Dog Toys, Our wide range of Luxury Coats come in a choice of 10 different sizes and Many different Colours our Reflective Dog coats are also shower proof.
  • To help keep your Pet safe We now also offer a wide range of Dog id Tags Engraved and delivered free anywhere in the UK.
  • Our Training products Range Includes Spray training collars Dog Cages and Puppy Cages, Leads and collars and much more.
  • There are many advantages with using our painless and pet friendly Training products, for example when using one of our Dog Crates/Cages correctly your pet will learn that crates are a safe place to sleep and soon see it as his own den, when also used with one of our covers for crates it will be less drafty and make the crates warmer and Cosier.
  • Our aim is to provide you with safe, painless and humane training equipment and behaviour solutions at competitive prices.

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