Free Fly Apparel

Big Sky Country to Low Country

With family roots in both the mountains of big sky country and the marshes of the lowcountry, Free Fly began as a desire to have a fishing shirt that was equally as comfortable as it was technical. We tested every shirt imaginable and all of them fell short. Since it didn’t exist, we made it our mission to create it. After two rounds of game-changer drinks at Home Team BBQ we made the decision to quit our corporate jobs, move to South Carolina and design the perfect shirt.


After two years of R&D, we finally developed the signature bamboo fabric blend that became Free Fly. We launched in the fly fishing industry and quickly learned that our apparel was ideal for so much more. By constantly listening to the feedback from our loyal customers, we organically grew our product assortment to meet the needs of those who share our same passion – the outdoors.


We are a small team, still family-owned, bootstrapped to the core, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t get us wrong, we still practice the freedom lifestyle we preach. When we’re not grinding in the office, we spend our days doing rigorous “market research” casting flies at tailing redfish or hosting “team meetings” with mandatory margaritas on the beach.


Our customers are the true heroes behind our brand. You inspire us every single day to continue raising the bar in performance apparel. Free Fly would not exist if it weren’t for your support of the dream we all chase. We believe there’s a difference in the pieces you simply throw on and the ones you never want to take off. It’s the Free Fly difference, and you feel it every time you live in our gear. – Free Shipping on all orders $150+ – Click here!

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