Hawkin’s Bazaar

At Hawkin’s Bazaar we’ve been providing smiles since 1973 with our toys and novelties mail order service which has slowly evolved into the curiosities, toys, gifts, gadgets and games store we are now. We sell a delightful mix of awesome retro goodies, cool gadgets, addictive games, funky toys and just about anything else that makes a fun and quirky gift. You’re never too old to have a bit of fun with something in our vast and diverse range.

Like a lot of great ideas, Hawkin’s Bazaar started off in a pub. We don’t mean that our fantastic curiosities, toys, gifts, gadgets and games business was conceived in a murky, drink induced haze, but it was literally a mail order service that operated from a disused pub in Suffolk, formerly known as the Hawk Inn. Back then, we thought we could save a line in our address by convincing the post office they could cope with a transition from Hawk Inn to Hawkin.

Leap ahead four decades and we’ve moved a little bit, just recently jumping into our new Central Norwich office in early 2013. There’s a picture of the swanky building we’re currently sitting in above. Nice, isn’t it?

If you’d like to come and visit us you can find our online gift shop at Hawkin.com, as well as several stores across the UK where you can see, touch and often have a play with many of our products before you decide to buy them. We can’t wait to see you!
Hawkin’s Bazaar

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