Behind the Label

In 2011, after working 4 years on Wall Street, MUJUS founder Paola Delgado decided to set aside her BlackBerry and terminate her lease in her West Village apartment with the goal of discovering who she really was and what she really cared about in life.With this in mind, after 10 years of living in the US, Paola moved back to her home country of Peru, and started the journey of relearning to be a Peruvian. For four months she traveled inland Peru and visited cities that she had visited as a child. These cities had not changed, but she had. She was no longer a Peruvian, but neither was she an American. Her values had been formed by both countries and created the desire to leverage her experiences and become an entrepreneur.

Paola decided to put her economics and political science degrees to work and create a company that would be a reflection of her values, while making a profitable living. This was the birth of MUJUS, which means “seeds” in Quechua, an ancient language of Peru.

Through its jewelry and accessories, MUJUS connects Paola’s traditional roots with urban life by mixing indigenous materials to create contemporary pieces of jewelry. MUJUS creates these pieces with the belief that people should be employed under fair work standards that help them develop and grow. It is not done to gain a certification or to be a trendsetter; it is just good business practice and it should be applied in places of the world where it is not mandatory to do so.

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