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Online Marketing can be a difficult industry to succeed in and most people who DO succeed have experienced their fair share of FAILURE and probably lost money on their journey before they find their niche, or find a business that can really WORK for them.

Being one of the people who has tried and failed with businesses myself I’m publishing this article to share with you some of the businesses I’ve been able to succeed with, so tried and tested businesses. This will hopefully help you on your road to success. There are sadly so many scams and Ponzi style businesses around. In my opinion, the businesses I post on here are a safe bet, and I have been able to find success with them. Hopefully you can too.

MyPayingAds is a business selling advertising services. Members purchsing advertising services can also qualify for revenue sharing. Some of the features available to advertisers are:

  • Affordable Advertising Packages!
  • Super Fast Response!
  • Custom Price Offers!
  • Targeted, Guaranteed Pro Quality and Quick Traffic!
  • Traffic from Outside Site Members too!

Anyone becoming a member of MyPayingAds can benefit from the following:

  • Revenue Sharing For Every Ad-pack up to 120% Rewards.
  • $5 Minimum Cashout and $200 Max Cashout Per Day!
  • Quick Payments; Payout Requests Are Processed Everyday!
  • Ad-pack Plans For Everyone’s Advertising Needs!
  • View 10 Ads Daily in the Traffic Exchange to Claim Revenue Sharing!
  • Earnings from Paid-to-View Ads!
  • No Membership Fee!
  • 10% Referral Commissions!

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My24hourincome is a highly targeted advertising site that shares 100% of its revenue with its members. Their main objective is to provide it’s members with multiple streams of ‘withdrawable’ income by providing top-notch advertising at affordable prices. Advertising packages are available ranging from $5 to $75 each.

7 reasons to advertise with My24hourincome:

  • High Quality Advertising Services with Geo-Targeting.
  • Super Affordable Advertising Packages..
  • Instant Response On Ads Placement.
  • Custom Price Offers..
  • Targeted, Guaranteed E-Business/E-Marketing Traffic..
  • Traffic From Outside Members Advertising Available.
  • 85 Different Advertising Packages To Choose From.

7 reasons to join to earn with My24hourincome:

  • World’s First 100% Free Referral Commission Pool .
  • Unbelievable Top Producer Mentoring – For All Members.
  • Low Stable Ad Pack hourly Earnings (Upto 3.8% Daily Cap)
  • 12% One level Commission Structure On Ad Pack Purchases..
  • Unlimited Withdrawals Open 7 Days A Week..
  • Earn by Clicking Paid To Click Advertisements.
  • 3 Levels Hourly Distributed Revenues (Up to 130% Maturity)

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Game Loot Network

Game Loot Network is a Mobile Gaming MLM Company that offers you the luxury of earning money by playing the games provided by Game Loot Studios. This Mobile MLM Company only started in May 2015 so it’s still a relatively new company.

The gaming side of the business revolves around Tokens. Tokens are the virtual currency they use in all of their games and are your ticket to Game Loot Network Rewards.

The platform can be accessed for FREE and by using paid tokens, sold in the following packages:

  • Fun 50 ($10) – 50 tokens.
  • Fun 250 ($50) – 250 tokens.
  • Fun 500 ($100) – 500 tokens.
  • Fun 1250 ($250) – 1250 tokens.
  • Fun 2500 ($500) – 2500 tokens.
  • Fun 5000 ($1000) – 5000 tokens.

The Game Loot Network compensation plan pays affiliates when they recruit new affiliates.

ACTIVE Game Ambassadors will QUALIFY to EARN a daily “Daily Commissions” beginning the day they refer their 3rd ACTIVE Game Ambassador.
As long as a Game Ambassador maintains 3 ACTIVE Game Ambassadors, they will continue to EARN daily Team Bonuses according to their QUALFIED rank.These bonuses are EARNED daily and can change daily based on a Game Ambasstador’s daily rank.“Daily Commissions” are EARNED daily, but PAID weekly.

ACTIVE and QUALIFIED Game Ambassadors will receive a 1-time Level Up Bonus, each time a Game

Ambassador achieves a higher rank. Level Bonuses will be paid out as follows :
Ruby “Level Up” Bonuses will be paid out in the weekly commissions. Ruby 2 thru Sapphire 3 bonuses earned in a calendarmonth will be paid out in 3 equal monthly payments beginning on the 15th of the following month. You must be ACTIVE and QUALIFIED at the same rank you earned the Level Up bonus to receive each of the payments.
Emerald thru Emerald 3 “Level Up” bonuses earned in a calendar month will be paid out in a 6 equal monthly payments begin Emerald thru Emerald 3 “Level Up” bonuses earned in a calendar month will be paid out in a 6 equal monthly payments beginning on the 15th of the following month. You must be ACTIVE and QUALIFIED at the same rank you earned the Level Up bonus to receive each of the payments.
Diamond thru Triple Diamond “Level Up” bonuses earned in a calendar month will be paid out in 12 equal monthly payments beginning on the 15th of the following month. You must be ACTIVE and QUALIFIED at the same rank you earned the Level Up bonus to receive each of the payments.
Crown and Black Crown “Level Up” bonuses earned in a calendar month will be paid out in 18 equal monthly
payment beginning on the 15th of the following month. You must be ACTIVE and QUALIFIED at the same rank
you earned the Level Up bonus to receive each of the payments.
A fantastic opportunity to work with a real business with a real product. Our team stucture is very unique too. As we only need 3 direct recruits any further recruits will be passed down through our downline and you will receive these as a direct recruit!


easy1up 320by100


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  • Most Powerful System In the Industry
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  • Products that Sell Themselves
  • Generous Compensation Plan
  • Life-Changing Results

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MLM Leads

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Fresh, Responsive Leads for Your Business Opportunity

MLM Leads have a register of customers actively looking for business opportunities. Choose and receive:

      • MyAutoPilot Web Traffic
      • We Call Your Leads for You – Call Center Service
      • Real-Time National, Local and Female Leads
      • Lead Capture Page Hosting
      • My247 Money App Ads
      • Autoresponder Email Leads
      • Free Prospecting Training

MLM Leads provide you with the following:

MLM Lead Generation – Targeted bizop web traffic sent to your capture page, lead capture page hosting, and mobile ads.

We Call Your Leads For You – PROs call your leads for you, then send them to you real-time after the call.

Real Time Leads From USA – Real-Time National, Local and Female delivered to your email inbox as they’re generated.

Free Prospecting Training – 8 hours of recorded prospecting calls. Listen as pros prospect and handle objections.

The Internet’s Most Popular Site for MLM_Leads!



How It Works

Leased Ad Space is the most unique opportunity online. We give you the best marketing platform to sell the hottest commodity online, and you get paid instantly!! Yes, no middle man..Straight up, you get paid on every sale you make, 100% commissions paid instantly to you!

Every single business or person that is trying to make money online needs traffic, without it, they are all dead in the water! That is what we provide, we give you the platform to sell it, you bring in the people or businesses that need it, and we help you make the sale.

You can make 100% commissions off of 7 different levels of traffic packages sales.

What You Get

All traffic package purchasers will receive internal and external advertising and traffic, using the following types of ads.

Traffic Package Benefits
  1. Text Ads
  2. Banner Ads
  3. Email Marketing/Solo ads
  4. A Public Profile Page
  5. A personal blog where you can post your own unique content (coming soon)
  6. Search Engine Traffic, Through Our Classified Ad Directory (coming soon)

Our packages are listed below complete with the impression count and number of times you can send solo ads, etc.

All traffic packages are one-time purchases, not monthly

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Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

Udimi is an Online Manager to handle email solo ads. Udimi acts as a reseller of traffic from a number of suppliers. Unlike other advertising agencies, our buyers can pick a supplier themselves. Udimi buys the traffic from selected supplier filters it via own in-house click filtering engine and sells to the buyer.

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Payment Processors

Nearly all online businesses will use a Payment Processor to manage funds going in and out of your account. Some of the companies I have successfully worked with are below:



Payza lets you send and receive money instantly almost anywhere in the world. Over 190 countries and 21 currencies supported.

Send your money, not your information. Payza makes sure your personal details are always protected.
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SolidTrust Pay was designed so that anyone with an email account can send or receive SolidTrust funds. The company launched in April, 2006 and has grown to serve millions of clients worldwide. In addition to providing exceptional EWallet services, SolidTrust provides direct merchant credit card processing accounts designed for the online entrepreneur. Additionally, SolidTrust Pay has assumed its corporate responsibility in the world and donates significantly to recognized charities AND provides financial aid assistance to its own members!

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The list of services offered from the PAYEER systems:

INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS – Transfer money to anyone around the world -A recipient does not need a registration. You can choose from 3; account number, email address or mobile phone number.

PAYMENTS VIA YOUR WEBSITE – Payeer® Merchant allows you to accept international payments by a lot of payment methods around the world! Payeer® lets you increase the turnover of your site up to 60% and more. To connect the payment system you need to create a e-wallet in our system, and press on the “My shop” section in personal area on the main page, the contract with our company is not required in the case of work on the public offer.

AUTOMATED EXCHANGE – We use the floating rate In our system for maximum effectiveness. Be sure to check our rates every day for exchange rates in your area at possible discounts of 50% or even 100%.

MASS PAYMENTS – Our unique Payeer®. service – the mass pay transfers to various payment systems, bank cards and bank accounts worldwide via our API protocol. Just create your Payeer®. e-wallet, add funds, and you are ready to send instant payments from your e-wallet account. Depending on the turnover of your business, we can give you special fees, once the site is connected, contact support customers service and give us information about your current and expected turnover in the near future.

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