We were born out of the belief that Internet would be the best platform to give customers the ability to create something that would feel, and be, personal to them.

With this in mind, our vision has never been to compete head-to-head with the high street, but to leverage Internet’s potential to give our customers more freedom. This is how both Moonpig and PhotoBox came to life, back in 1999, when ecommerce was still in its infancy (and broadband was very, very scarce!). Rather than converting digital images into standard silver halide photo prints, PhotoBox could empower customers to make much more exciting and expressive products: photo books, personalised calendars, personalised phone cases, the scope really is unlimited. Similarly, Moonpig could do more than sell cards online: it let customers personalise the cards with text or images that make them unique and truly thoughtful.

Since then we’ve grown into a family of 5 brands, PhotoBox, Moonpig, Sticky9, Hofmann and posterXXL all sharing a common purpose: inspiring our customers to share and celebrate everyday and life-changing moments. This has led to 1,000 employees across Europe, mainly UK, France, Germany and Spain, 5 company-owned factories, and a lot of products – from our award-winning photo books, wall art range to our flowers, gift ranges and so, so much more.

Regardless of our size and structure, we will continue to stand for everything that is personalised, done digitally, and transformed into real products that people can cherish, share and celebrate every moment with.

Customers at the heart of what we do

The motivation for our business is not just to sell products but to create memorable experiences for our customers. We want to ensure that our service lives up to the importance of those memories captured in a photo book or those smiles that a bespoke card can put on one’s face. Our founding principle was that PhotoBox should treat its customers as if they were friends or family, something that we continue to strive for today. Since early days this has meant relentless focus on detail, in particular, product quality and a timely service – our founders would call in their families to help process the orders overnight! Over the years it developed into a deep respect for our customers, the need to deserve their trust, have respect for their ideas and a conviction that they would be the heart of our success.

Innovation for Growth

With continued investment in product innovation and customer experience, we’ve been able to consistently stimulate growth. To make the most of our innovations, we’ve opted for a vertically integrated model, giving us the benefit of economies of scale – from product conception, manufacturing and sales to distribution – it’s a pretty unusual thing for an e-commerce company to manufacture what it sells! This means that over the years we’ve professionalised and industrialised the production process of making one-of-a-kind products (yes, we make completely personalised products!).

On average, we launch roughly 20 new physical products every year, more than 1,000 new designs, and that doesn’t even include our constant mobile developments.

We are personal

How do you scale a business with innovation and “high-touch” customer engagement at its heart? We believe in recruiting, developing and supporting teams that we can trust. Expertise can come with empathy and an understanding for the bigger picture. Ambition can come with team spirit and transparent communication. Excellence can come with modesty and a desire to do better. We recognise, accept and embrace the fact that our teams make a difference. Despite our growing size, we want to live our team and customer relationships as if this were day 1 with a shared ambition, committed to one-another and personal.


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