Post Office Credit Cards

snappy expert post office logoOur Credit Cards give you the flexibility to make purchases or transfer balances with 0% interest – and there’s no fee when you buy travel money with our Credit Cards at the Post Office.

Post Office Credit Cards are provided by Bank of Ireland UK. Post Office Limited is a credit broker and not a lender.

snappy expert post office credit card

Every Post Office Money® Credit Card is unique. Which one is right for you?

We have carefully designed our three Credit Cards to give you a unique set of benefits.

If you’re after a long, interest-free balance transfer period or would like interest-free purchases, our cards have the flexibility you need.



What would you use your Credit Card for?

Start by thinking how you might use your card – not just today but in future as well.

For example, you may want to transfer an existing balance, pay for goods online or in a store, or use it to make a one-off big purchase.  You may also find it more convenient – and more secure – to use a Credit Card when travelling abroad, rather than carrying all of your cash with you.

To help you find the best Credit Card, consider the different features between cards and think about how likely you are to need them. Here are some of the most common features you might want to consider.

Balance transfers

You should always think about how you’ll pay off any Credit Card balances in full before getting into debt.

Some cards give you the option to transfer an existing balance onto your new card with an interest-free period. If balance transfers are important to you, look for a long interest-free period and check if there are any fees to pay.

Making purchases

Credit Cards can be a convenient way to borrow money in the short-term. When it comes to making purchases, they have a number of specific features – which depend on what and where you want to buy, and over what length of time.

Today, cyber-fraud is a growing concern for consumers. It is important to make your online purchases as secure as possible, and all of our Credit Cards offer extra security when shopping online.

Buying in a foreign currency

When you’re abroad it can be hard to know how much Credit Card purchases will cost you. It’s not just about working out the exchange rate; there are often additional administration fees to be paid.

The same is true when you make online purchases in a foreign currency. What may seem like a bargain could turn out to cost you much more than you expect.


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