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Saints and Slimmers is the UK’s fastest growing diet brand. We offer a range of diets to suit every taste, goal and budget with prices starting from just £2.14 per day.

We’re specialists in the field of nutrition. Our founders have worked in the nutrition industry for a decade and we have a fantastic in-house team of product experts and nutritionists on hand to help you with your diet, as well as the world’s friendliest and most efficient customer service team.

Who is behind Saints and Slimmers?

Saints and Slimmers is the brainchild of Oliver Cookson. Oliver is the UK’s best known industry expert in the field of protein and nutrition and founded the sports nutrition brands Myprotein® and GoNutrition™. Oliver used his knowledge of the benefits of protein in dieting to help devise the products we sell on Saints and Slimmers, which is one of the things that makes them so effective.

What diets does Saints and Slimmers offer?

Saints and Slimmers offers a range of popular diet plans to suit your taste, budget and weight loss goals. Whether you want to follow a Very Low Calorie Diet Plan, a 5:2 Diet Plan, a Complete Diet Plan or a Breakfast and Lunch Diet Plan, in which you cook your own evening meal, we have a diet plan to suit your needs.

Can I personalise my diet plan?

Yes, all of the Saints and Slimmers diet plans can be personalised. If you prefer meal shakes to meal bars, you’re free to choose which you receive as part of your diet plan. You can even choose the flavours you have, for a diet plan that’s completely unique to you.

What diet foods do you sell?

We’ve developed a wide range of diet foods that are sold as part of our diet plans and you can buy all of these separately from our shop. Our diet food range includes several meal replacement products including diet shakes, diet soups, meal bars, meal packs and diet porridges, as well as a range of healthy low calorie ready meals, and snacks and drinks that you can eat without affecting your diet plan.

What makes your products different?

We enhance our foods with protein and fibre to keep you fuller for longer, and we add special ingredients such as L-carnitine and Green Tea Extract which can help enhance weight loss. Unlike some rival products, we don’t use cheap fillers such as sugar to sweeten our products. Instead we’ve opted for healthier, lower calorie alternatives, such as the natural sweetener Stevia.

How much does it cost to follow your diets?

We offer fantastic quality products at sensible prices, and the price you pay depends on the diet you’re following and the amount of food that’s included. Prices range from just £2.86 a day for our 600 calorie Very Low Calorie Diet Plans to around £6.25 a day for our 1200 calorie Complete Personalised Diet Plans.

Can I cook my own meals?

Yes, you can cook your own meals on some of our diet plans, but on others you need to stick to our calorie controlled meals, as they’re a little stricter to help you lose more weight more quickly. If you want to cook for yourself, check out our Breakfast and Lunch Diet Plan, which lets you cook your own evening meal, or our 5:2 Diet Plan, which lets you cook your own food five days a week.

If you want to follow a Complete Diet Plan and cook your own meals, then you can use our Start a Plan tool to create a personalised plan in which you prepare some of the meals yourself. We even give you a selection of over 100 free recipes to use, to help you keep your weight loss plans on target.

Can I eat extra fruit and vegetables?

Some of our diets, such as the Very Low Calorie Diet Plan, have a very strict daily calorie intake, which unfortunately doesn’t allow for extra fruit and vegetables. However, in other diets we do add a calorie allowance that let you add a few extra fruit and veg without affecting your diet.

Can I drink alcohol on Saints and Slimmers diets?

Unfortunately alcohol tends to be high in calories and can affect your daily calorie intake, especially on a Very Low Calorie Diet. As a result, we’d recommend that you avoid alcohol while you’re dieting, otherwise you won’t be as successful.

Instead, we’d recommend that you drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. To make water less boring, we’ve developed a clever Water Flavouring which not only makes water taste less bland but also includes protein to leave you feeling fuller and help reduce your urges to snack.

What about snacks?

You’ll be pleased to hear that many of our diets are provided with healthy, low calorie snacks to keep your appetite in check. We’ve got a range of tasty low calorie snacks covering everything from Skinny Muffins, to low calorie cereal bars, pretzels and olives.

Why should I buy from you?

Apart from the fact we offer superb quality products at unbeatable prices, we also provide amazing customer service, all backed up by a 28 Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your order, just drop us a line and we’ll sort you out.

We subsidise delivery costs to make shopping with us as cheap as possible, and we offer three different courier services for extra convenience. Delivery is free when you spend over £50, standard delivery costs just £2.99 and express delivery starts from just £3.99. You’ll also earn loyalty points every time you shop with us, which can be used to get money off future orders.
Saints & Slimmers

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