SunJack meets all your active lifestyle needs by providing “rugged outdoor solar power.” As the most powerful portable solar charger in the world, SunJack products are capable of charging your mobile device as fast as any wall outlet (with plenty of power to spare). SunJack is compatible with ALL Android, Apple, Windows, BlackBerry, GoPro, JawBone devices and more. If you are ready to earn 10% Commission as a blogger, search marketer, or web based affiliate marketer please sign up for our affiliate program in LinkShare!

Clients include the U.S. Army, the Federal Aviation Administration, CBS, GRID Alternatives, and the United States Marine Corps.  Designed to make life easier, SunJack solar chargers and accessories open endless possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, preppers, survivalists, travelers and more.

Humanitarian Efforts: Sunjack provides portable solar chargers to non-profit organizations like WorldVision, Americares, and GRID Alternatives.

•  All Portable Solar Chargers Are Water Resistant
•  We Use High Efficiency Solar Panels
•  Units Charge At Twice The Speed Of Competitors
•  Products Are Lightweight & Durable

Harness the power of sunlight with SunJack!
SunJack® The World Most Powerful Solar Charger

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