The Garwood

Born on an early Sunday morning at a random casino in Las Vegas, The Garwood came into this world a sophisticated, well-dressed, gambler with a propensity for bourbon.

Who is The Garwood?

A mix of book smarts and street smarts have made The Garwood a self-taught gentleman and connoisseur. Despite his American lineage, The Garwood knew he must share his enthusiasm with the world.

New Year’s Eve in Tokyo, shaking hands with her royal highness, the Queen of Denmark and traveling to Estonia for no other reason than “no one ever travels to Estonia” are just a few of the stamps in his passport. Despite his global escapades and wanderlust, he finds himself just as content eating a hotdog at Dodger Stadium.

His impression is always felt. With smooth natural wood handsomeness, clever wit, and gregarious nature, he impresses at any gathering. He is good at parties, controls the boardroom, makes friends wherever he goes, and always impresses the ladies.

People may call him a “watch,” but he is so much more.

Handcrafted Wood Watches

All watches from The Garwood are handcrafted down to the last detail. This process makes every single watch unique and special.

For The Garwood “35 Black”, “Angeleno” and “Great Dane” we use a light American Maple wood, sourced from New York. The Maple is a fast growing tree and a symbol of strength and endurance – much like The Garwood himself.

For The Garwood “Kuta”, “Domino” and “Sumo” we use a dark Indonesian Sandalwood sourced from South East Asia. Sandalwood is considered a sacred material in many cultures, and in the early 1900’s it was even used as medicine.

For precision and durability a battery powered, Japanese Quartz Miyota 2035 movement, is used for in all The Garwood watches. The same movement is used for Citizen watches.

We wanted to create a watch that was sure to draw a crowd, and with its 100% natural wood material and painted copper face, The Garwood watches are guaranteed conversation starters wherever you go. The feedback has been overwhelming, and highly appreciated, we love that our fans get excited about the feel of wearing a natural, one of a kind, handcrafted wood watch on their wrist. Thank you!

— The Garwood

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