The official

What else can go 15 MPH and use your balance to change direction? Nothing! That’s why we think these are awesome!

We’re one of the UK’s largest Swegway websites.  That means we always ship from UK stock (from West Sussex and Liverpool in fact) and all our boards are CE compliant and to UK power spec.

We’re owned by FB Ecommerce Ltd – a UK Based Ltd company that specialises in ecommerce.  That means you’re dealing with a British company for peace of mind, covered by all applicable UK and EU regulations. (Although one of our staff has a Canadian accent, but we don’t hold that against him.)

The Swegway is powered by your balance, electric motors and your body pressure through your feet.

It’s all about balance

Lean forward, go forward. Lean back, go back.  Lean right and… well you get it.  After a few minuets the Swegway will feel like an extension of your body and you’ll be rolling around intuitively.

Take a look now! The Official Swegway



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