Trafalgar Travel

Trafalgar Travel has been creating exceptional guided holidays for almost 70 years.

With more than 230 trips to worldwide destinations, including Europe, North & Central, South America, Asia and Australia & New Zealand, we continue to offer new ways to travel every year.

Innovation in travel

A family company, guided by CEO, Gavin Tollman, we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate.

We were the first to create Insider Experiences; enabling our guests to appreciate their destination through genuine local experiences, such as dining with locals in their homes. And we continue to evolve guided travel in new directions.

Travel is our passion.

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Take a tour of Europe

And discover Europe for yourself

We’ll immerse you in the sights, sounds and sensations of some of Europe’s most iconic locations. But we’ll also introduce you to experiences few travellers have the chance to enjoy. Climb Bramante’s spiral staircase in the Vatican, normally out of bounds to the general public. Or join us for authentic local dishes with Beatrice, the charming owner of an elegant 17th century château in Villandry, France.

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