Everything we do goes into everything you taste

At Waitrose, we believe everything we do goes into everything you taste. That’s why we only work with farmers that we know and trust, who share our values and our passion for bringing you great food. But rather than just tell you our standards are high, we want to show you.

That’s why for our new campaign we’re going live with TV ads showing footage from different farms, captured that very same day. No actors, no props – just our real farms exactly as they are, and the delicious food that we produce at them.

What’s special about Waitrose milk & cream?

– At Waitrose we only source our milk from a pool of dedicated British farmers we know and trust.
– We always pay our dairy farmers a leading price that takes into account their costs of production so they have the confidence to invest in the future of their farms.
– The Waitrose milk pool is segregated, so the quality and traceability of all our fresh milk and cream can be guaranteed. We are the only supermarket to do this. 

What’s special about Waitrose eggs?

– We are the only supermarket whose eggs are hand collected
– All of our hen’s eggs are laid in Britain
– Our eggs are laid on British farms we know & trust
– None of our eggs are from caged or barn systems
– Our organic chickens are fed an organic diet from hatching
– Our non organic hens are fed using feed made from GM free soya meal
– All our hens are housed in much smaller flock sizes than the UK standard

Fish specialists

Waitrose has fish specialists in most of its branches who can advise on what fish to buy. Waitrose fish specialists are trained at London’s Billingsgate Seafood Training School. Not only can they gut, clean and fillet fish, they also know how to cook every species we sell.

Cod and haddock

All of our fresh and frozen cod and haddock comes from Iceland and Norway and is certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

What’s special about Waitrose pork?

– Our outdoor bred pigs live their lives in straw based accommodation and have a lot more space to thrive than the industry average.
– This is the minimum standard for our pigs, and none of our pig farms use slatted floors or confinement stalls.
– All of our Waitrose fresh pork, bacon and sausage is 100% British, and all the pork in our essential Waitrose sausages comes from British outdoor bred pigs.
– You’ll not find any rind, offal or mechanically recovered meat in any of our sausages and we never add water to our ham. 


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